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Data protection

Aevy crawls public information from the open web, to give interesting employers the chance to get in touch with you.

Why data is important

In an ideal world, people shouldn't have to go through the hustle of actively searching for jobs. In an ideal world, people should be getting transparent and relevant offers from time to time. We believe being able to stay in the loop on what opportunities are out there is a key to a good career.

✓ Public

We never use data that's not public or available to general search engines. If you can find the data on Aevy, you can find it on Google.

✓ Voluntary

We use data that you have personally submitted to the public web, such as open source code or discussions.

✓ Non-sensitive

We never look at political, religious or other sensitive data. Our only goal is to determine if your professional skillset is matching certain employers.

How we keep your data up to date

Life and technology is constantly changing. It's crucial for us to continuously update which programming languages you use and like. We update and refresh your data on a regular basis.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! You can read more here.

Remove my data

In accorance with EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can at any time opt out of being contacted by Aevy or any Aevy's customers. For further questions regarding GDPR and our data policy, read more here or contact us.

Your information

If you are curious to see what data we have gathered about you, you can request the information in a machine-readable format. If you enter your email address below we'll send you a JSON-file of your profile in our index.